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Saturday, February 10 2018

Treasure and I during the Sheik Mohammad Cup 2018

2018 has been very action packed already. I went to ride in Dubai with two of our horses, Treasured Moments and Grand Ku.  Whenever we get the opportunity to go to a big interantional event we take it.  There is no other way to train a horse for big competitions (like a World Championship) other than taking them to big races that are run with all of the added energy and crowds that a race like this brings.  I rode Treasure and the other USA rider borrowed Grand.  The two horses did not complete but both were rider option pulls.  Treasure stopped around mile 70 as she just wasn't her cheerful self and Grand went 89 miles.  My lack of grasp of the rules for rider option made Grand's pull incorrect.  I chose to retired him at the last vet check.  That vet check has an exit exam (a second vet check near the end of your hold that you must pass before heading out on your last loop). I walked up to retire Grand during his hold (he had passed the vet check but had not gone back for the exit exam) and asked the vet if I needed to re-present the horse in order to retire.  I was told no, which is incorrect.  I should have brought Grand back up, presented him for the exit vet check and after he passed I should have then told them that I was retiring him.  He was 100% passable but he was not going to make the 11:25 cut off time for completion (That was the max time allowed to complete the 100, not like the 24 hour USA time frame).  Oh, well.  I won't make that mistake again.  His record now reads retired metabolic.  Dang it.  Both horses flew back home looking well.  They are both back in work now.

When I was away Jeremy went and picked up our new livestock gaurdian dog for me.  He is the third in our trio.  The two goats are Alvin and Simon and he is Theodore.  Theo is half Great Pyrenees and half Black Mouth Cur. He is way too cute and he loves the goats.

We have been super busy lately.  We are preparring 12 FEI horses for various stages of competition, the main focus being the WEG test event and the WEG this summer (we are also hitting up Tevis of course).  It is total madness!! LOL.  If any of you have ever dealt with tryimg to wrestle with all of the USEF/FEI paperwork, followed by the qualification process to be allowed to enter your first FEI ride, then imagine further going up the chain of qualifications to being WEG qualified... now times that by 12 and add in some foreign riders who ALSO need their qualifications.  Yep, crazy.  It's a lot to think with and juggle.  

I got out on Grand Ku today in my comfy Reactor Panel Tribute (with pink piping!) it was his first ride since he has been home from his trip to Dubai.  He felt great.  He was really happy to get ridden.  The weather is turning up finally, after our few weeks of a cold snap that we had (I know, big winter!!) so all of the horses are in a great mood.

The next ride we are heading to is Connie's ride, Gator Run.  We are looking forward to taking out some first time 25 mile horses, Sierra Winds (Treasured Moments little sister) and RB Twilla, (finally!!).  Geraldine (Deen) will also be joining the babies on the LD.  Deen was due to foal in March but she was not looking big enough and we had her re-checked and there was no foal...Bummer.  Back to work. 

After Gator Run I will be heading out to the AERC Convention in Reno, I hope I see alot of you there.  It should be a great get together this year with a lot of good shopping and great seminars (someone take notes as I will be stuck in meetings all weekend).  

I hope you are all having a great start to your 2018 season.


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